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  • Treat your water, and it will treat you even better

    Do your dishes have spots? Do you feel sticky with soap residue after your shower? Does it seem like your appliances aren’t lasting as long as they should? Do you smell something in your sink or see buildup in your toilet? Are you tired of buying bottled water? Click here to find out how we can help you solve these problems, and many more.

  • Commercial Solutions

    Do you own a business in the area? Does your farm have livestock? Does your facility have machinery with specific water needs? Click here to find out how we can help you provide clean, safe water for all of your commercial, agricultural, and industrial facilities.

  • CH2OICE Bottled Water

    Tired of recycling a case or more of bottles every week? Need better water for drinking and cooking? Johanneck Water is proud to provide our exclusive brand of bottled water to our customers. Click here to find out more about CH2OICE and how you can have it delivered to your home or office, not only saving the environment, but saving YOU money too!

  • Free Water Testing

    Not sure what’s going on with your water? Click here to find out more about our free, no obligation, in-home water testing.

Get the Best in Water Right Here!

For over 90 years, EcoWater Systems has been a world leader in water treatment. Never heard of us? That’s because we concentrate on bringing our customers the most innovative and efficient systems on the market, instead of the best advertising campaign.

We have the first ever patent on automatic water conditioners and are the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water softeners. Our equipment is not only made in the USA, but our corporate headquarters is right here in Minnesota.

Johanneck Water, your local dealer, has been affiliated with EcoWater Systems since 1984. With current locations in Redwood Falls, Willmar, and New Ulm, and technicians who are well-educated on our products and techniques, you can trust EcoWater and Johanneck Water to deliver reliable results every time.

We provide water conditioning and drinking water systems for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications, as well as treatment for lawn irrigation systems. We service all makes and models, and have the experience to get it done right.

Call or stop by any of our locations , call 800-SOFT-H20, or fill out the contact form to learn more about our state-of-the-art water treatment systems!


  • "Thank you so much for helping us out with our water issue. Over the years, the tannins in our water have been getting worse and worse. Our bath water looked like tea and the tannins were starting to stain our toilet bowls. It was becoming a real problem. It was so bad that our kids started to complain about having to take a “brown bath.” We were very impressed with your thoroughness and customer service. You were very helpful in answering any and all of our many questions and we never felt pushed or pressured into doing something we didn’t want to. Thank you again for your Grade A customer service and quality work. And thank you for fixing our brown bath water.” -- Ben & Crystal

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  • "I purchased a water cooler from EcoWater, along with bottled water. They delivered the cooler, along with the water, and then installed the cooler. The system saves me a lot of money every month and is much safer water to drink as well. I also enjoy the softener salt deal they offer where you can earn a free bag." -- Scott

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  • "Ridge and Scott were wonderful installing a softener and setting up salt delivery. The home that I work at did not have a softener. They were very helpful and honest. Great customer service and our water is wonderful. Thank you." -- Stef

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Phone Numbers

  • Redwood Falls: 507-644-5436
  • Willmar: 320-235-8040
  • New Ulm: 507-233-2418
  • Mankato: 507-345-4688
  • Toll Free: 800-SOFT-H20