Your Water…Perfected: The Science behind Better Water

Since Lynn Lindsay’s first patent in 1925, EcoWater has dedicated itself to solving the challenges facing residential water supplies around the world. Today, EcoWater products, and the technological advancements that make them possible, are built on more than 90 years of applied research and hundreds of worldwide patents on proprietary scientific and engineering breakthroughs. EcoWater sets the standard for the entire water treatment industry, and continues to lead the way with more than 40 active patents and unparalleled quality guidelines that ensure excellence in all our products.

Why EcoWaterProduct quality and investment in research & development are hallmarks of EcoWater Systems. Their manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified, which is a prominent certification performed by three international organizations that monitor quality system standards. EcoWater also invests substantially more dollars in product research, capital equipment, and employee education than any other water treatment company.

EcoWater System’s line of water conditioners, refiners, and filters are the most innovative, highest quality products on the market with many exclusive features. Unique in the industry, EcoWater manufactures 95% of its own products and components, ensuring the highest level of quality control, delivery, and competitive costs. All tanks, valves, timers, and components are made by EcoWater, AND they engineer and design all of the electronic components that set them apart from all other products in the industry.

So again, why EcoWater, and not some other water conditioning company? It’s simple…the science! With a legacy surpassing the 90 year mark and built on best-in-the-business technological innovation, EcoWater continues to set the standard for the industry as a whole. So when you think of water, think EcoWater Systems, and call Johanneck Water, your EcoWater dealer in Redwood Falls, Willmar, New Ulm and Mankato.


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