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Drinking Water System Services

Johanneck Water and EcoWater Systems offer a wide selection of products, so we can provide our customers with solutions that best fit the needs of their homes and families. The most important thing to understand is that water changes from town to town, from town to country, and from well to well. What works for one family may be completely different from what works for their next door neighbor. Not only does the chemical nature of the water differ from place to place, but the water needs of each family differ, as well. The water usage of a family with three teenagers in the house is likely significantly higher than that of a single person or couple.

Johanneck Water will take the time to understand those needs, so we can make sure that the products we put in your home will help you:
    • Save money by saving water, as well as extending the life of your appliances, faucets, and pipes

    • Get cleaner, clearer, odor-free water for cooking, drinking, and ice cubes

    • Have more luxurious and foaming baths and showers, using less shampoo and soap

    • Help your water heater become more efficient

  • And much more!

Our products can reduce or completely remove the hardness, iron, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfides that are common in Minnesota water. We also have experience removing tannins, nitrates, bacteria, and many other naturally and unnaturally occurring minerals or metals that can ruin your fixtures, smell bad, or make your water unsafe.

Click on any of the boxes below to learn a little more about just a few of the products Johanneck Water and EcoWater have to offer or contact us anytime with questions.

Water Softeners

water softener

Water softeners are used to remove hardness from water. Hardness is the quantity of minerals or metals in your water, such as calcium or magnesium, and it is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). Any water with more than 1 GPG is considered hard, and more than 6 GPG is very hard. The more hardness your water has, the larger the water softener you need, and finding out how hard your water is, is often the first step in determining what kind of water softener will work best for your family.

Hard water causes many of the common complaints in your household. It can cause:

  • That sticky soap residue on your skin and in your hair after a shower
  • Build-up on your tubs, sinks, faucets, and tiles
  • Spotting on your glasses and dishes
  • Increased usage of soaps and detergents
  • Scale deposits in pipes, water heater, and appliances, making them less efficient and reducing their lifespans

We can help you diagnose your problem areas and recommend the best option for your home, saving you money, water, and time, by providing an efficient, long-lasting EcoWater System.

Drinking Water Systems

Tap water, even softened tap water, can contain dissolved solids that make it unpleasant for drinking or cooking. EcoWater drinking water systems purify your drinking water through reverse osmosis (RO).

Drinking Water SystemAn RO works by sending water through a pre-filter to remove odors and particulates before forcing it through a membrane, where the majority of dissolved solids are flushed to the drain and the remaining filtered water is sent to a storage tank. Finally, the stored water passes through a post-filter just before going to the faucet to give you the cleanest, best-tasting water possible for:

  • Drinking
  • Cooking
  • Coffee, Baby Formulas, Juices
  • Ice Cubes
  • House Plants

An EcoWater RO system is a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to bottled water, not to mention better for the environment.

We have the options to accommodate all kinds of obstacles to getting the drinking water systems you want:

  • Faucets that match any color sink, as well as electronic faucets that can indicate when your filters need to be replaced
  • Hookups to your refrigerator
  • Expanded storage and filter options
  • Permeate pumps for improved flow at the faucet
  • Booster pumps for homes with low water pressure

Water Coolers

Equipment - Water CoolerWater coolers are an excellent and inexpensive alternative when installing a drinking water system just isn’t possible. If you live in a rental home or apartment, a water cooler can help you save money on bottled water and provide great water for drinking and cooking.

Johanneck Water has just the right cooler for your needs. We have top-loading or bottom-loading coolers; room temp and cold coolers or hot and cold coolers.

We can get you started with high-quality, BPA-free, 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles.

If you want great-tasting reverse osmosis water without the reverse osmosis system, you can fill your bottles at the 24-hour kiosks available at all of our locations.

If you don’t want to fill them yourself, ask us about our convenient delivery services.

Iron and Purpose Filters

Iron FilterSometimes a water softener just isn’t enough for tough water problems. If you have high iron content, iron-bacteria, tannins, or any number of water issues that require more specialized treatment, then an iron or purpose filter might be right for you.

Some of these issues can present as staining in your sinks and toilets that can’t be explained by hard water deposits, or odors in your water. Some of them require further testing to detect, such as arsenic, lead, and asbestos.

All of these issues can be addressed with a state-of-the-art filtering system engineered by EcoWater Systems to be the best on the market.


If your well water has tested positive for bacteria, then an EcoWater microbiological system will provide your family with pure water that is safe for drinking and cooking. The microbiological has been tested and certified to meet EPA standards for bacteria, virus, and cyst removal. It also has a fail-safe shut-off to give your family peace of mind about the quality of their drinking water.Microbiological

Other Products

Lawn Irrigation Systems

  • If your rusty well water is staining your outdoor décor, ask Johanneck Water about our lawn irrigation solutions.
  • We can help you remove and prevent staining on most outdoor surfaces without harming your lawn, shrubs, and other greenery.


  • If your well water has a bad odor or contains bacteria, chlorination might be a good option for you. Ask us about how you can tell when your water chemistry and usage makes you a good candidate for chlorine injection.
  • We can help you determine the best amounts of chlorine to properly disinfect your water, and how to remove it before it reaches your sink.

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